Dialog introduces their own branded Android mobile phones to Srilanka.

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First time in Sri Lankan Telecommunication history a Mobile Network Operator launchers a set of their own branded Smart phones.

There are first set has two Android Smart Phones with  very attractive price points


Dialog i43

Dialog i43

Dialog i43
4.3” display with 1GHZ CPU for just Rs. 19,990.00.


Dialog i35

Dialog i35

Dialog i35
3.5” display with 1GHZ CPU for just Rs. 12,990.00.

Buying Options

  • Dialog Service Centre
    • Direct Purchase
    • Dialog Payment Plan (12 Months, 24 Months plans)
  • iBuy


Android USB drivers

Dialog i35 – Android Smart Phone
Dialog i43 – Android Smart Phone (innOS i5)
Dialog K45 – Android Smart Phone (innOS i6)

LTE / 4G

Dialog Q143L (LTE) – Android Smart Phone
DIalog LTE (4G) Broadband

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  2. Dear sameera .. dialog i43 eke display eka dana kiyak vithara yaida dannavada.. warranty nati ekekata.?????

  3. mata danaganna ona dialog i43 aka 1st sim slot akata vana sim akak danna ba unlook code aka ganna puluvanda plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. 4n aka root karannanam puluwan una ath thama hariyana rom akak hoyagann bari una…sim unlock wade harigiyeth na…root karata wadak une na….:(

  5. sameera aiye.. dialog i43 eke display eka dana kiyak vithara yaida dannavada.. warranty nati ekekata.. :'(

  6. sameera, dialog i35 eke 1 slot eka unlock karanna barida.., anik slot eke 2g witharak weda karanne ayi????

  7. Guys i need a help!
    *Shall i buy a i35?
    *Is it inbuilt with snapshots?
    *Can it update ?
    * Camera quality?

  8. Friends need a help.
    mage dialog i43 phone eke viber calls answer karama and mama calls gaththama receiver/caller kiyana dewal ear piece eken nathuwa speaker eken kathakarana dewal ahenne. normal calls walata ehema awulak na.


  9. dialog i35 eka niyamai.habai net eke daala thiyena code eka try karanna epa.software update karanna weawa.mama i35 eke prince of persia classic,need for speed most wanted,gta 3,pop shadow and the flame wage game play karala thiyenawa.nfs most wanted eke apk eka play store eken download karaganna.wenama data download karanna ona naha.app eka open karama auto download illanawa.590mb thiyenawa.play karannath ekka space eka 800mb withara illanawa.download karala play karanna.

  10. Hey machangla mama i35 eka aran masa 3k withara danata nam kiseema awlak na 4n eka superb touch ekath supiri. most wanted wage gemuth supiriyatama wada. back cam eka 2mp unata paduwak na. 9 ykta watinawa, play store eke non root, android 2.3 walata wada apps okkoma support. podi awlakata thiyenne palaweni sim slot eka carrier locked eka witharai. however nice work by dialog.

  11. sameera, i35 eke os eka wena os ekakata update kranna baida?? for eg: ics

    • thama nam option ekak naha, kattiyama try karanne root karala cyanogen ROM ekak daanna. thama hariyata karapu ekek naha

      • dialog i35 phone eka root karanna puluwan a wagema sinhala font wada karana widiyata hadannath puluwan habai mata thama sim 2 ma 3g wada karana widiyata hadaganna bari una mama try karanawa hoya gattha gaman kiyannam hoya gattha kiyala

  12. dialog i35 eka unlock kaan puluwanda? ona hatiye 2ni sim ekenuth net adinna? dialog eken vagema????? plzz tell me how to unlock???????

  13. dialog i35 eka unlock kaan puluwanda? ona hatiye 2ni sim ekenuth net adinna? dialog eken vagema????? plzz tell me how to unlock???

  14. Mchn ikmnta,naththn mekta game download karana eka baru wadak wei…hoda games wala size 1gb paninawa……eka nisa download karala wada kare naththan data walata giya salli aparade…..

  15. Sameera Dialog i35 ekata wada karana grapics walin hoda games mnwada…

    • I43 eke num godak games Weda. But thama i35 eke games gena hariyata balanna welawak hambube Naha. Mama balala kiyannam


    Dialog i43 ekata ICs hari jellybean hari upgrade karanna puluwanda??? kohomada update karanne??????????

  17. i45,i35 dakama GPS theyanawada?4n aka speed aka kohomada.4n akata danna puluwa dialog sim witharada?

  18. I brought i35 from dialog @ col-4.(meewellawa service center). My no 0716473477

  19. sameera i43 4n ekata battry , cover , ehema shop walen ganna puluwanda? mewaye parts lankawe tenawada?

  20. how to root i35 phone,can i uninstall dialog for my mobile as 2nd sim will conect 3g and i’m remove from dialog lock for os my mobile warrent remove? Pls tell me

  21. Sameera i35 4n eke skype call ganeddi back cam ekath apeta use karanna puluwanda?

    • 1) just go to play store and touch left button.
      2) select my apps form list.
      there is your application if there any update you can update them.

  22. i also having this problem machchan…
    hw to un lock da… if we unlock that can we claim warranty?

  23. i35 phone stock ewara wela godak than wala! i35 dhan ganna thiyena thanak kiyanawada?

  24. This is really nice phone.android worth fr sch price..awesm display.with great touch sensitivity…

  25. mama gaththa me a35 phone aka skype weda…9990 phone aka watinwa,,good phone battery life akath hodai..

  26. මේ ෆොනේ එක ගත්ත කෙනෙක් ඉන්නවද? මේක හොඳයිද ? Battery Life එක කොහොමද ?

  27. dialog i35 eke hspa support karanavada? gps support karnavada? accelarometer tiyenavada?

  28. well this are some renamed good qulity china branded phones innos i5 and as i guess innos a35 ..if so there are some mistakes that dialog has made on there website that’s the Dialog a35 has only 256 ram … and also a 800mhz processor of (Snapdragon MSM7227T ) not 2mp the rear cam but its a 3.2mp… . dialog has said 1 GHz ARM Cortex A5 CPU as for both models but its a Qualcomm Snapdragon cpu .

    and those who are thinking of a second opinion wait some more time there is a other model called innos D9 which is 8mp 1.2 duel core and ICS built in and ram of 768mb.. im sure that dialog will introduce the model soon as there 3rd model to the market so better wait…

    hope some one can confirm that ,,,,

  29. Can we install Skype, PDF reader and other necessary applications to this phone, i35?

    • Of course you can. I have tested Skype with Dialog i43, and Dialog i35 also should work the same. Only difference of two is the size and the Display quality.

      And I really recommend to go with Dialog i43 considering the Display quality.

    • There are two SIM slots, 1st one is only for Dialog. 2nd one you can use any SIM. (But 2nd slot is a micro SIM slot, and works only 2G networks)

      • Dialog i35 eke 3g thiyenawada? I35 phone ekata java install karanna puluwanda?please take galaxy uttarayak ewanna?

      • Dialog i35 eke 3g thiyenawada? I35 phone ekata java install karanna puluwanda?please tak gala uttarayak ewanna?

      • ai boru ki yan ne anith Phone wala wada ka ra na wa But turn by turn navigation

        • Tern by tern navigation lankawe allow Karbala Naha. Ska kisima phone ekaka Naha. Habai onemanam Sat-Nav daaganna

  30. Seems like cool. My phone is working perfectly. Awesome touch pad works smoothly. Not like fake china phones. By the way great job Dialog. Thanks

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